How to PUBG

Step 1: Join our Discord server and find the @GPBot bot in member list on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Send a direct message to @GPBot bot, for example, by typing “help”.

Step 4: Use desktop version of discord and set you status online

Step 5: Open User settings

Step 6: Find Activity settings. In activity privacy be sure that you have activated next options:

  • Display current activity as a status message
  • Allow friends to join your game

Step 6: Run PUBG

Step 7: Open discord and Invite @GPBot in your game by right click on it or inviting option in chat with bot.

Step 8: Play and earn!

  • Normal and Ranked games are counted
  • Available platforms : Steam, Epic Games Store

You can download PUBG for Steam and Epic games store